Photos of Amy Winehouse Topless on Holiday in Caribbean

Topless Amy Winehouse Has a Wet and Wild Weekend

Amy Winehouse let it all hang out on the beach in St Lucia over the weekend, proving yet again why she's been receiving the most votes as your most scandalous British celeb of 2008. She was also caught on video camera dancing topless on her balcony. Although it's rather shocking to see Amy in such a state of undress, at least she looks relaxed and less worryingly skinny. Reports over the weekend suggest that going topless isn't just confined to Caribbean beaches, as Amy has apparently been wandering around a London gym changing room half naked. The good news is she's making a concerted effort to get healthy by hiring a personal trainer and taking part in daily two-hour gym sessions. Hopefully this is a sign of a happier and healthier 2009.

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