Pictures of Reese Witherspoon Kissing Chris Pine on This Means War Set in Vancouver, Christian Bale Comments on Tom Hardy

Reese Witherspoon Calls a Halt to the War for Kisses From Chris Pine

Reese Witherspoon has been in Vancouver filming This Means War with Tom Hardy and Chris Pine since the beginning of the Autumn. After a weekend with her kids and Jim Toth in LA, she and Chris got close for a kissing scene yesterday, keeping warm with the help of two big heaters. Lucky Reese wrestled with the two gorgeous chaps earlier this week, and found herself all tied up with them just before that. Tom will be working on the third Batman film, and this week Christian Bale said he's looking forward to work with him. See how well you know Toms Hardy, Felton and Sturridge in my fun quiz!

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