April Fashion and Beauty Buys

I'm Not Fooling! Here Are April's Best Fashion and Beauty Buys

Which Item Do You Want Most?

If you can believe that we are almost at the end of April already, get your credit cards out and start shopping! No, this isn't an April fool's joke, this is the real deal. A slough of fashion goodies like printed clutches, neon biker jacket (that even Kate Moss endorses) and cropped tops have made their way up my wish list, along with a new eye shadow palette, an SPF 15 foundation that actually makes your skin feel moist, but look matte, and last but not least, a lipstick range that comes in a leather tube! See — now you can understand why my wallet is exploding! Shop each of these goodies in the slideshow and don't forget to vote on which item you like best at the very end.