Backstage Beauty at House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2014

Sleeping in Your Makeup Has Never Been Cooler

Sleeping in Your Makeup Has Never Been Cooler

Admit it, we've all woken up the morning after the night before to find last night's makeup still intact. And how many times have we looked at that smudged eyeshadow and crumbling mascara and secretly wondered why we can never make our makeup look that cool when first applied? This was the challenge faced by the makeup team backstage at House of Holland.

The show's title was Debauched Debutantes, and the concept was rich kids who'd spent a long night partying and posting copious selfies online. As such, the makeup seemed to take its cue from a Gossip Girl-era Taylor Momsen. It was dark and smudgy, in shades of gunmetal and black, with lips stained rather than painted for a lived-in look.

The hair also had a dishevelled glamour, as if it had been perfectly styled in a prom-worthy look to begin with but slowly loosened up as the night went on into a messier, less formal style. A side parting, dry shampoo for texture, and haphazard backcombing are the key to this look if you don't have time to sleep on your perfect updo.

Finally came the nails, and after last season's intricate nail decals, the House of Holland girl was a little more traditional this season. Nails were either painted a dark burgundy or treated to a modern french manicure, with burgundy base and hot pink diagonal striped tips. See all the photos as you scroll down.

Source: IMAXTREE, Getty