Beauty Interview with the Dolly Rockers

Bella Interview: The Dolly Rockers Talk Beauty

The Dolly Rockers, a British all girl musical trio (made famous from The X Factor in 2006), are making their way into the mainstream scene — looking beautiful might I add! Their new single "Gold Digger" will drop on 30th August and I've got the exclusive on the products and inspirations that keep Brooke, Lucie and Sophie looking so saucy!

  • Girls Aloud has partnered with Eyelure to create their own sets of false eyelashes for each member of the band. Would you ever consider a project like this?
    We'd love to bring out a range of beauty products, or work with someone like Barry M who always has such fun makeup.
  • Which of your video makeup looks is your favourite?
    I think when we first started doing photo shoots and videos we went a bit OTT with the hair and makeup. It has toned down a bit now and looks a lot better. We were starting to look like trannies!
  • Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating new beauty looks for photo shoots, videos or concerts?
    We always look through fashion magazines like Dazed & Confused for inspiration, as there are always interesting fashion stories. We obviously have to tone it down a bit as everything looks a bit better on a six foot fashion model!

To find out what they have to say about their fashion influences and for more on their musical plans for the future, click here. For now, see more hot pics of the girls and to find out their secrets to beautiful skin and hair and the one product they can't live without, read more.

  • What are your secrets to beautiful skin and hair?
    Always take your makeup off — although, when you stagger in at 4am it’s not always what you think of! Oh, and blue eye drops. They're great for tired or bloodshot eyes, plus they're moisturising!
  • You girls are into big hair. What styling products/tools can’t you live without?
    We all swear by these pink curlers that cost £11 from Superdrug — they’re amazing!

Deborah Law/ and WireImage