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Beauty Quiz

Can You Name This Beauty Tool?

With complex technology at the forefront of cosmetics, it can be hard to tell the difference between a beauty tool from a handyman or medical tool. I challenge you to take my quiz and see if you can guess what the following beauty-related items are used for? Nobody ever said that looking great was simple!

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Can you tell me what this electrical beauty tool is used for?
It's an electrical exfoliator
It permanently removes hair by using pulsed light
It's used to heat up wax
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Guess what you do with this.
You create a matte finish on your face by blotting away grease and oil
It instantly absorbs fallen shadow when you're creating a smoky eye
You blend your makeup to a flawless finish
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What in the world is this?
It's a heated eye lash curler
It's an eye brow trimmer
It's a ladyparts groomer
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What is this beauty device used for?
It helps reduce the look of spider veins on your legs
It helps improve circulation on your saddlebags (butt and thighs)
It's a portable massager that works to lift your face and neck
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It's not a dental instrument, it's a beauty tool — so what do you do with it?
Thread eyebrows
Extract blackheads
Push back cuticles
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Guess what you use this funky battery operated pumice stone for?
Exfoliating your legs
Getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles
Superfly at-home pedicures
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What is this oven mitt look-a-like used for?
Lotion is placed inside for deep moisturising manicures
Protecting your hands from laser treatments