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25 Spring Blonde Shades to Show Your Hairdresser

29/04/2014 - 11:00 AM

Now that the sun is finally shining (occasionally), it's time to think about revamping your hair for the warmer weather. Spring is the perfect time to try a new, lighter shade, but this year, less is more. The best blondes for 2014 are natural-looking, with perfectly weaved highlights, creamy shades, and soft balayage streaks [1]. To help inspire your next salon visit, we've taken a look at some of the new blonde styles being sported by some of our favourite celebs. From Kristen Bell [2]'s perfect baby blonde to Alice Eve's new darker hue, these are the colours we'll be pinning for our next trip to the hairdresser!

Kristen Bell

Kristen's hair is the perfect creamy California blonde, a great shade to choose if your hair was blonde as a baby but has darkened over time!

Cat Deeley

Can you believe Cat's highlights are painted on freehand? The presenter is a huge fan of the balayage technique, and her naturally light brown hair makes the perfect base for these buttery highlights.

Taylor Swift

Taylor is lucky enough to be a natural ash blonde, a shade women pay hundreds in colours and toners to emulate. If you have similar tones in your hair, always stick for ashier shades and pale, neutral blondes. Anything too golden will very quickly go yellow!


Beyoncé's tried every colour, cut, and weave going, but her latest curly bob with graduated blonde colour is definitely one of our favourites. It manages to be relaxed and sexy at the same time.

Reese Witherspoon

After a brief foray into brunette, Reese is now back to the blonde we know and love. Her light golden blonde shade looks brilliant against her blue eyes.

Poppy Delevingne

Poppy has loads of fine baby-blonde streaks in her naturally fair hair, helping to give it a very expensive-looking finish.

Alice Eve

Alice recently took her bright blonde colour a few shades darker, and we love the dark blonde shade she now sports, which looks to be a fair approximation of her natural colour. Slightly lighter streaks add definition and break up any dullness, but it's still a low-maintenance shade where root touch-ups are concerned!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron is the queen of beachy blonde colour, and we can't imagine her with any other hairstyle.

Sienna Miller

Sienna's hair looks healthier than ever before in her chic mid blonde with slightly strawberry tones.

Elizabeth Olsen

Before she dyed her hair dark for her role in the Avengers sequel, Elizabeth sported an incredibly natural-looking dark blonde colour that made the most of her natural base, with balayage highlights only on the bottom two thirds.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has toned down her colour to a slightly warmer strawberry blonde shade, which works really well if you have natural red tones in your hair.

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen's subtle blonde ombré is great if you can only afford to colour your hair once or twice a year; as it grows out, it will still look great!

Emma Roberts

Going shorter has allowed Emma to experiment with a lighter blonde shade without worrying about breakage and damage. If you have brunette hair and you want to go very light, keeping your hair short will help the condition.

Naya Rivera

If you have very dark hair like Naya's, going blonde is a huge commitment. Start with a few streaks in a dark blonde, and work from there to slowly move towards the colour you want. Never do it in one go, and definitely don't try it at home! This is one look you absolutely have to trust to a good stylist.

Kate Winslet

Kate uses texture to hide her roots, and because her hair is naturally fair and she has lots of tones weaved through it, there are no harsh lines of regrowth.

Fearne Cotton

Fearne has taken her bob lighter than ever recently, and she's learned to own her dark roots as part of that! If you go for an all-over colour, you'll need touch-ups every four to six weeks, but a little bit of regrowth can give hair a cool, lived-in feel that's quite modern and stylish.

Michelle Williams

Michelle's messy parting and sideswept style really show off her perfect creamy colour.


Ciara's hair is very slightly graduated, with lots of golden blonde streaks on a brunette base.

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele's return to the catwalk reminded us why this golden blonde/brown shade has been one of the most requested looks of the last decade. Naturally, she's about three shades darker.

January Jones

Creamy light blonde mixed with just a few golden streaks gives January her modern take on the icy Hitchcock blonde look.

Jennifer Lawrence

There's been so much emphasis on Jennifer's pixie cut that we've almost forgotten she has one of the best sets of highlights in the business. There's not a hint of brassiness in her gorgeous blonde colour.

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer has extensions, which can be difficult to match with your natural hair when it's been coloured, as the blonde will fade differently in the two different types of hair. Frequent touch-ups are called for to ensure there's no obvious join!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie's golden blonde works perfectly on her dark blonde base colour. Chunky streaks at the front give it a sun-kissed look.

Suki Waterhouse

When you have a fringe like Suki's, it's even harder to hide regrowth, so beware going too light or having too many highlights in the front layers, unless you can commit to frequent salon trips. Pick a shade that blends with your natural colour, not one that competes with it.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie is a colour chameleon, but this warm strawberry blonde is one of her best looks. We've loved seeing her sport the honey hue on The Voice.

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