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Keira Knightley Has Best Pout

British actress Keira Knightley has often been criticised for her pout; like Victoria Beckham it seems we don't like stars who don't smile. Now however, in a recent poll, Keira's lips have been voted the perfect pout.

In the poll of 3,000 women by beauty brand Blistex, Keira beat Angelina Jolie and Kylie to the accolade, while top of the worst pouts was, unsurprisingly, Leslie Ash with her famous 'trout pout'. Also amongst the 'pouts are out' brigade were Amy Winehouse and Jodie Marsh.

Keira has previously said that her pout does cause her some trouble. Apparently the director of Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright, actually banned her from pouting on screen.

The twenty-three year old star, who has denied collagen injections to make her lips look bigger, claims she can't help pouting when she's concentrating. Just

"I honestly don't do it to be sexy" Keira has told Hello magazine, "I do it when I'm concentrating and I sort of push my lips out. I always think it makes me look kind of constipated."

I know a lot of people really despise Keira, and find her unsexy, but personally I think she is beautiful and as one of our most famous British actresses, we should be proud of her achievements. (Although possibly winning 'best pout' isn't the most endearing of achievements).

Can't wait to see her in The Duchess, after reading Pop UK's interview!

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Doric Doric 7 years
Kiera Knightly has clearley used collagen extensively. Take a look at her in Bend it with Beckham, she has quite a thin top lip. In Pirates of the Carrabean she has the classic duckbill look caused by overfilling with collagen. Why does she lie? Her pout is consciouss and deliberate. I find it impossible to take her seriously. She is just another young actress of mediocre abilities much vaunted and exploited by the film indusrty.
adrianaaa adrianaaa 7 years
i love kiera. she is so much better than any actress out there
swwonder swwonder 7 years
Do people really 'despise' her? I can't imagine that srong feeling either way for Keira. I don't dislike her, I don't really like her - I just don't find her that interesting. I think I read an interview she did that said she played flute (or something like that) when she was younger and that why she has bit of pout. It does make me laugh when they say people like Keira (who has quite thin lips in my opinion) and VB are pouty - they should see my lips!
the-cat the-cat 7 years
she actually doesn't look that pout-y in those pics. she's smart too which you can't say about too many 'film stars' these days
Advah Advah 7 years
OMG I can't believe how many statements the poor girl had to release - no she's not anorexic, no she didn't have botox... I agree Fab, I think she's beautiful! I never really realised she has a specific pout, I thought it was more because of the way her chin makes her lips look (if that makes any sense).
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