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Amy Winehouse Has Denied Her Reported Affair, But Blake Is Allegedly Looking Into A Divorce

Amy Denies Affair, But Blake Wants To Divorce?

Amy Winehouse's love life is the subject of much speculation this week – first her Dad confirmed rumours that she was having an affair with her manager's assistant, next she apparently spoke to a photographer outside her house denying that was true and that she was going to be with Blake forever. Finally there's reports that, after all this talk of Amy's alleged affair, Blake wants to file for divorce, and is hoping for a payout of £3million.

Whatever is actually going on, it seems like there's a lot of complications in Amy's life right now. On the up side though, her career is still peachy – Mark Ronson has confirmed that he is working with Amy on a song they will submit as the Bond theme, she's been added to the lineup performing at Nelson Mandela's 90th Bday celebrations, and lets not forget she was placed on the Sunday Times Rich List last week.

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