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Best of 2009 Poll on British Actors — Who's Your Favourite? Robert Pattinson, Ed Westwick, Clive Owen, Gerard Butler,

Best of 2009: Who is Your Favourite British Actor?

British actors have been doing fantastically well this past year, and that's why I'm focusing on them in my next Best of 2009 poll! From New Moon stars Robert Pattinson and Jamie Campbell Bower, to Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick, the youngsters have pulled focus, but older favourites like Clive Owen, Gerard Butler and, of course, Michael Caine have also shone on the big screen. Who is your favourite? Let me know!

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maria15 maria15 6 years
Hello I am called maria and am a great fan of robert pattinson I would like that please if someone has the direction(address) or some e-mail an information for small that is to contact I would like that me graces(thanks) were sending her to the following mail and I sit(feel) it for my Englishman it(he) is slightly bad(wrong) thank
PatryCullen PatryCullen 6 years
Por supuesto, Robert!! sin dud es El mejor actor!!
chile68 chile68 6 years
It is only Robert !!!! :)
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 6 years
Where are Ewan McGregor and David Tennant? <-He would have been my vote for sure, but seeing as I can't have those two I voted for Robert Pattinson. :)
Chrissypie Chrissypie 6 years
I voted for Dan, but Rupert's amazing too!! I love Harry Potter!!!
melesa melesa 6 years
robert pattinson he's hot and amazing actor
tia65 tia65 6 years
Rupert Grint . He rocks !!
liano-judy liano-judy 6 years
plzzzzzzz ! vote Daniel! He's an increduble ator, better than Rupert! and please, don't vote Robert , he's not so good as he sims!
Baiza Baiza 6 years
Robert is the best! He is really great actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
definitelymaybe definitelymaybe 6 years
RUPERT GRINT obviously!!! he's the best!! no one more perfect than him ;) he's got everything, beauty, charm, he's a GREAT actor and very modest :) I LOVE HIM! and I agree, Tom Felton should be on the list, he deserves it!
Jen4 Jen4 6 years
Rob, and My second choice would have been Gerard :)
LoonyLovegood LoonyLovegood 6 years
why does everyone say Rob HES NOT EVEN THAT GOOD and if hes sooooo good why is Rupert more popular haha
Violeta3 Violeta3 6 years
Jamie Campbell Bower is the best, I really respect and love him as an actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iris-Lasco Iris-Lasco 6 years
WHERE IS MY VOTE????????????????
Iris-Lasco Iris-Lasco 6 years
I think Jude is very talent actor,and Robert Pattinson too(i think I know him from The Song of Nibelung, If I'm not mistaken) but my respect,love and vote go to the great actor MICHAEL CAINE!!!!!!!!!! Unfotunately I don't know most of the other actors.
eikah eikah 6 years
ROB the best......=))
magialuna magialuna 6 years
You didn't include *any* of my favorite British actors in this! Where are Tom Felton, Alan Rickman, or Jason Isaacs? Even if you were just looking mainly for younger actors I think Tom Felton would have been an obvious choice after his stint in the Half Blood Prince this year... Clare
LucyDiamond LucyDiamond 6 years
Ladies Ladies i know Rob is super mega hot but let me tell ya... the power, the passion that Gerard Butler has everytime he is on a movie is just ... hot... sorry got to go with Gerard!!!still love rob tho but not as much anymore!!!
shamirahlovvee shamirahlovvee 6 years
Polly-xD Polly-xD 6 years
I love ED!! very HOT! =) xD
Elenice Elenice 6 years
Where is Ben Barnes???????????
dani19 dani19 6 years
this was kind of a hard one... i didnt realize how many fav british celebs i had !
Amu1104 Amu1104 6 years
Why do you have to abuse other people...If you have your be it....other people are entitled to have their favourites as dont see us talking bad about Robert or anyone else right!Just show your need to bad-mouth anybody just because you dont like them... Rupert Grint is a Very Very Good, Talented and a Seasoned actor and he definitely deserves a place here...anybody who thinks he does not need to see his latest movies...and I am sure you will change your mind....
amorton1922 amorton1922 6 years
Why isnt Tom Felton on this list? He is an amazing actor! 2009 was a really good year for him he truly shined!!! I want to be able to vote for Tom he deserves it. Tom Felton truly cares about his fans also.
aimeelove aimeelove 6 years
Gerard! My second choice would have been Rupert though...
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