Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2008-10-31 06:10:16

Guess Which Celebrities Are In Halloween Fancy Dress!

Halloween is quickly coming up — that fun and festive time of the year when even our favourite celebrities have a go with costumes and face-paint. Do you think you can guess who they are in fancy dress? Take my fun quiz to test your knowledge of some hot celebrities in their Halloween costumes!

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Guess who all of the men want to take a bite out of?
Kate Beckinsale
Emma Watson
Heidi Klum
Fearne Cotton
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Guess which actor is dressed in his best golf tartan gear?
Colin Firth
Kyle MacLachlan
Peter Andre
Matthew Perry
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Ahoy Matey! Who's this pirate dressed in red and white pin-stripe?
Jason Wahler
Ashton Kutcher
Jack Osbourne
Jude Law
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I have the answers on this fair-skinned Snow White. Can you guess who she really is?
Leighton Meester
Reese Witherspoon
Kelly Osbourne
Michelle Trachtenberg
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At a 2005 party, which actor wasn't in Kansas anymore?
Ewan McGregor
Jason Biggs
Orlando Bloom
Hugh Grant
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Which sexy bunny went party hopping on 31st October, 2005?
Jordan (Katie Price)
Paris Hilton
Emma Bunton
Britney Spears
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Which actress donned a Cleopatra look at a Hollywood party in 2004?
Keira Knightley
Sienna Miller
Kate Winslet
Anne Hathaway
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Which singer hosted a Halloween party in London in 2003?
Mariah Carey
Kylie Minogue
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Which model dressed up in a pink wig for a Halloween 2003 bash?
Adriana Lima
Gisele Bundchen
Karolina Kurkova
Erin O'Connor
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Guess who's channeling Marilyn Monroe?
Kate Hudson
Liv Tyler
Stella McCartney
Mischa Barton