Heidi Klum Launches Truly Scrumptious at Babies R Us

Heidi Klum Shares Her Top Skin Tip at Her Babies"R"Us Launch

Heidi Klum smiled at her Babies"R"Us collection launch in NYC.

Heidi Klum paired a Michael Kors dress with Alaia heels to launch her new Babies"R"Us collection, Truly Scrumptious, in NYC yesterday. Her collaboration contains apparel, bedding, furniture, and more for kids, and arrives in stores and online Sept. 15. We caught a few minutes with the supermodel mogul to hear about her inspiration, her four kids, and more. Stay tuned for video of our chat later today on PopSugar Rush. Here are highlights from our chat with Heidi:

  • On her schedule: "I don't really travel that much anymore — I really don't! I come to New York for three months in the summertime when the kids are off from school and we pretty much move here for the Summer. Otherwise, I'm pretty much based in LA because they go to school."
  • Her top tip for great skin: "I think what is really important is to drink a lot of water always — to be hydrated. I think that is number one for your skin. Finding good moisturizer. Eating right. You are what you eat — there's a lot to that, for sure."
  • On her advice to young models: "There are so many beautiful girls in the world. At the end of the day, it really is important that they fight more to get to the top. People don't just come and take you by the hand and say, 'Come with me! And we can find all these great jobs together.' You really have to work on it, too. You have to do a lot of castings. You have to take care of yourself. You have to be healthy, so your hair, your skin, everything looks good. Be nice to people so that they hopefully will work with you again. "
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