Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr Out With Son Indio Dressed in Batman Printed Clothes

Sorry Iron Man, Your Son Prefers Batman

Robert Downey Jr obviously didn't impress son Indio by playing Iron Man on the big screen, as Indio seems to be all about fellow superhero Batman – at least according to his belt and t-shirt! Hollywood's impressed by Robert though, as he's now getting his very own star on the Walk Of Fame – and well deserved too, if only for the amazingly funny skit with his Tropic Thunder co-stars Ben Stiller and Jack Black at this year's MTV Movie Awards (definitely check it out after the jump). I love Robert Downey Jr and I have to say I'm stoked that he's back on the A list!

To see the hilarious (yet NSFW or the squeamish) MTV Movie Awards video and lots more photos of gorgeous Robert out with his son, just read more

NSFW (and stop it before it ends if you're squeamish!)