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Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger in New York as Shutter is Released in the UK

Joshua Jackson Strolls in NYC and Is on Our Big Screens

Joshua Jackson looked gorgeous as ever in yet another casual outfit as he strolled through SoHo in NYC with Diane Kruger at the weekend. This laid-back outfit is definitely an improvement on his straw hat/flip flops/murse combo last week. If, like me, you feel that Josh is just too far away with a whole ocean between us, you can catch him on the big screen in the UK in his new film Shutter. It isn't loved by the critics but hey, it's Josh, I'm not that fussed about the quality of the film! He will be on US TV screens come the autumn in new show Fringe, which I hope will make its way over here soon. It's been too long since I got my weekly Josh fix on Dawson's Creek. It seems that the teen show follows Josh wherever he goes, as he's recently said:

"The strangest time I got recognised was when I was in a hammam in Morocco... And the guy at the front desk when I was coming out said, 'Vous etes Pacey?' It was a little awkward after sitting in a steam room with him splashing water all over me!"

Mmm, mental image of Josh/Pacey in a steam room. Very nice.