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Kate Beckinsale and Daughter Lily Sheen Spend Time Together In Santa Monica

Kate and Lily Bond by the Sea

We haven't seen much of gorgeous Kate Beckinsale since the Glammies, but she has been in the UK for at least part of that time dining with David Walliams and showing off her neon Stam bag. This weekend, however, Kate was back in the US and spent some quality time with her beautiful daughter Lily in Santa Monica, taking in the scenery and walking along the picturesque coastline. Petite Kate even managed to pick up her fast-growing daughter, leading our Lil to ask when you stopped carrying your child?

Looks like Lily and Kate are making the most of the time they have together – before you know it nine-year-old Lily will be interested in boys (Kate's already trying to get her interested in Brooklyn Beckham!) and Kate will be back at work to publicise the four films she has in post-production at the moment.

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