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Madonna And Guy Ritchie Out For Dinner In London

It's Still Love For Madonna And Her Favourite Guy

Having completed her daily workout at the gym right next door to her house (my girl Fit would be proud), Madonna and her hubby Guy Ritchie went out to Harry's Bar in London last night for a three hour meal to catch up (and no doubt laugh about all the rumours of their split). Madonna's looking happy and glowing in the evening pictures, and I love that they dressed up nicely for their date – perhaps Guy was congratulating her for her induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?

Pop US wants to know what you think of Madonna's duet with Justin "4 Minutes", so have a listen now. I'm undecided – I love bits of it, but Timbaland's production has made it so busy. Plus it seems to take some lyrical inspiration from Mark Owen's "Four Minute Warning"! Hmm, Madonna inspired by Mark?! As much as I'd love it, somehow I don't think that happened...

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