Photos Of Amy Winehouse At Westminster Court To Face Assault Charges, Details Of Prosecution

Amy Winehouse Punched Fan In "Deliberate Assault"

Amy Winehouse was arrested for allegedly assaulting a fan at a party in March, pleaded not guilty to charges and attended court today as the case began. Wearing a Vivienne Westwood suit and with a blonde streak through the front of her hair, Amy was accompanied by her father Mitch to the proceedings. The prosecution stated that Sherene Flash asked for a photo with Amy in a dressing room, then after she agreed, Sherene's drunk friend tried to get into the photo too which apparently led to Amy lashing out. The prosecutor said:

"There was nothing accidental about Miss Winehouse's actions. She reacted badly to a polite request. Miss Winehouse may have felt she had generously agreed to be photographed on her own and not with a drunken stranger."

When Amy was originally questioned by officers she read from a prepared statement, admitted she had been "intimidated" and "offended" by the situation, but also said her only reaction had been to push Sherene away with her forearm. The case is expected to last two days, and if recently-divorced Amy is found guilty she could face up to six months in prison.

Source: Getty