Photos Of Diana Vickers, The X Factor Contestant Who's Recovering From Laryngitis

Diana's Determined To Recover

In my The X Factor live chat last weekend, we were all rather shocked that Diana Vickers wasn't able to appear to perform on the show due to laryngitis. She seemed to be a favourite among those discussing the show with me last week, and she's certainly one of the ones I'd like to see go really far in the competition. The judges and producers allowed her to skip last week and there's been worry that she might not get better in time to perform this weekend, but here's some photos of poorly Diana leaving the contestants' house to head to rehearsals.

Her scarf is rather fitting for the scratchy pain her throat has been in no doubt. I look forward to seeing how she does on tomorrow night's show, if you're watching why not log on and watch with us? I'll be opening a post here on PopSugarUK just before the show and we can all discuss it as it happens in the comments!