Photos of Geri Halliwell Who Spoke About the Possibility of Another Spice Girls Reunion on This Morning: Are You Interested?

Another Spice Girls Reunion: Love It or Leave It?

Geri Halliwell wore a bright blue top for her appearance on This Morning, where she spoke about the possibility of another Spice Girls reunion! She chatted about having dinner with the girls last week, and said she was texting Victoria throughout the meal. Geri said:

"We always talk about creative plans, possibilities, definitely... Right now, I'll be honest: we are gathering information and thinking about possibilities... when you are evolving a creative plan, you don't share it with the world until it's concrete."

With Mel B. tweeting "Spice girls, stadiums?", it sounds like something's happening! Vote below to let me know: would you love another Spice Girls reunion, or would you rather leave it?