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Photos of Jordan aka Katie Price Who Has Revealed the Identity of Her Rapist on Camera, Named Rapist in Front of TV Crew

Katie Price Reveals Rapist's Name On Camera

While filming her new TV show yesterday, Katie Price reportedly revealed on camera the name of the celebrity who raped her. Lawyers banned his identity from being broadcast, and the production team was sworn to secrecy. With anti-abuse campaigners asking Kate to come forward with information, a "friend" has revealed that Kate did not go to the police after her ordeal because she was too scared of her attacker. The Mirror is claiming it knows the identity of the man, and he has denied the claims, but they cannot name him for legal reasons.

Kate phoned Matthew Wright during The Wright Stuff yesterday to respond to the panel's discussion about her. It was on this series that Matthew accidentally named John Leslie as the man Ulrika Jonsson referred to when she spoke about being raped. Kate said:

"I haven't just come out and said I got raped, I was actually sticking up for Alex. It come out in the newspapers that he was doing this rape thing and I stuck up for him in my OK column. I would never do something like that for sympathy. It has all got out of context, I think it is really out of order to say I would do it for sympathy I would never do that."

To see what Kate said about going to the police,


When asked about going to the police, Kate said:

"It happened absolutely years ago and like anyone, it's just a hard thing to do. It's been done now, what do you do? I would say if something happens you should go to the police. It was definitely rape - I didn't consent to it."

Kate responded to Matthew's question about whether she would name her attacker by saying: "Never, never, absolutely not". Now that she has allegedly said the man's name on camera, however, it seems likely it's only a matter of time before his identity is revealed.

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misshavehersay misshavehersay 6 years
If I had the chance now to go on national television and name the man who raped me 20yrs ago Id do it! It wouldn't be attention seeking or for sympathy, it would be for justice! Yes it was a long long time ago, but i was only 18 and terrified! Maybe Katie feels she can do this now she may have been like me, scared to say anything! You either love her or hate her but I don't think she has made this up for attention she doesn't need to!!!
Nickk1234 Nickk1234 6 years
Leave her alone!! she hasn't done anything! if she got raped then its surely very very hard to bring it up again and go through it especially after all these years! and for someone like her its even worse because she will see it all over the papers for weeks after. She don't want that. Would you?? And anyway she's breaking down and just wants some people to cut her some slack. Have some pity! She's only human.
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
i agree with all of u. Its just getting out of hand, not knowing whats true and whats not. And Jordan really is a vile creature. Im sorry to say it, but its true.
swwonder swwonder 6 years
This whole story irritates me so much I can't even convey it, and I have always quite liked Katie and stuck up for her. "It happened absolutely years ago and like anyone, it's just a hard thing to do" - Yes I believe it's difficult, but it was perfectly easy to mention this ordeal in passing, and to continue to bring it up in the media? It's been done now, what do you do? You report them Katie, that's what you do. A minute, day, month or decade could of passed but that person will still be a rapist and not going to the police will only serve to somehow justify his behaviour. It has all got out of context I'm sorry does one take someone saying they got raped 'out of context'? Sorry for the long comment, but this has genuinely annoyed me, so many young women look up to her (and so many men see her as a sex object) that by not going to the police she's promoting the idea that this is an ok way to treat women and discouraging the fact that it's a crime that should be reported. I guess I credited her with more intelligence than she has.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 6 years
I don't know. I just don't care anymore...
kaitxo kaitxo 6 years
Woah this is getting way too heavy.
tattylashes tattylashes 6 years
she should say who raped her IF it really did happen so it doesn't happen to anyone else, is she thick or something? this woman will do anything for attention, the more i read about her the more i dislike her, she's making a show of herself with all this rubbish, get over yourself Katie, your becoming a very boring person lately, pete had a great escape when he got rid, who in the world would want to live under the same roof as an narcocistic attention seeker, grow up, stop making up stories and sort your life out...stupid fool
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
This is so wrong...but it just feels like the next part of the "Jordan" story. And if...sorry WHEN she got raped why didnt she go to the police straight away??
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