Photos Of Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B From Spice Girls Working Out While She Says She Might Strip For Playboy

Mel B Shows Off The Body She Might Present in Playboy

Mel B, who showed off her toned body at the gym in West Hollywood yesterday, has confirmed she’s been offered £1million to strip off for Playboy. She said: "At the age of 33 it’s flattering to be asked. I’m busy at the moment, but I’ll have to think long and hard about it. Maybe next year". Scary Spice's body is certainly in demand at the moment: as well as her forthcoming fitness DVD, photos have just been released of her modeling Ultimo lingerie in a deal reportedly worth £500,000. Wowzers.

It's not all about looking good without clothes on, though. Mel is also in talks with Project Runway's Eli Holzman to create a new reality show, which will focus on her Catty Couture clothing line. Whatever next?