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Photos of Naomi Campbell On Holiday With Boyfriend

Naomi Campbell Continues Cruising While Cavalli Criticises

From the South of France to the South of Italy and now to Spain, Naomi Campbell sure is enjoying a European tour this summer with her new boyfriend. The couple were joined by a big group of friends as they took a dinghy out to the yacht, anchored off the coast of Ibiza. It looks like the supermodel isn't letting anything get her down, not even Roberto Cavalli's recent put-down. The designer has called models "pieces of wood that I carve to make clothes look beautiful" and has said there are "thousands of models like all other models. Naomi Campbell is the same way". Check out Fab UK for the rest of Cavalli's curt words. Does Naomi looked bothered? I think not.





naomi campbell 2 120808

naomi campbell 120808

naomi campbell 120808

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