Pictures of Duffy in February 2011 Marie Claire UK Magazine

Duffy Talks Singing For Others, Fame and Lawsuits in Marie Claire

Pictures of Duffy in February 2011 Marie Claire UK Magazine

Duffy looks gorgeous in these photos from February's issue of Marie Claire magazine. In the accompanying interview she talks candidly, surprising with her attitudes to singing and fame, here are some excerpts from her interview:

  • On her singing career: "I sing for others to enjoy, I have never done this for myself... I am the singer. I don’t do singing. This is who I am. I am the voice. This is me. There’s no separation. My record is me. The music is me. I don’t live for myself. It’s so hard to explain. I remember signing a big record deal and being in a cafe by myself, weighing up what it really meant. I hadn’t written "Mercy" at this time. One of the cons was the fact that my life became part of the record. The person you see. I’m clumsy, I talk sh*t, I’m not perfect. You attach that great work to this? I’m responsible for it now? This 26-year-old, Welsh, blonde thing."
  • On fame: "You know, at any given time I can walk away. It’s not a problem. It can be easily arranged. If people don’t want this, then I’m cool with that. I do it for others. I don’t do it for myself. If people don’t want the records, it’s OK – it’s no problemo. I don’t take it personally. I’m here to serve. If I did this for myself, I’d stay at home. I’d sing in the shower. I’d eat cake and walk my dogs, and work as a waitress. That’s what I’d do for myself, because it’s an easy life. It’s a simple life."
  • On whether it makes her happy: "I don’t think I can ever answer that question... It’s just what I do. What I’ve come here to do. There’s nothing about this that I take for myself – not one single squiddly, squiddly morsel. Nothing. Not the cashmere jumpers, not the accolades, not the pats on the back, not the money…"
  • On her press: "If I told you how much money I’d spent on lawsuits, you wouldn’t believe it. I could buy a whole village in north Wales. I’ll tell you one thing, I might not be clever in business and commerce, ’cause I’m young, but I won’t let anyone f*ck around with my family. That’s one thing I won’t allow. Because it’s not their choice. It’s my choice. I’m the one who has been penning these songs for many years. It’s -nothing to do with them."
  • On where she'll be in 20 years: "Where I want to be and where I think I’ll be are very different things.I don’t care. I don’t care about how I live my life. All I care about is how I will be remembered."

You can read Duffy's full interview in Marie Claire magazine, out now.