Pictures of Gwen Stefani in InStyle UK Magazine July 2010 Plus Interview Quotes 2010-06-01 07:15:00

Gwen Stefani Talks Lipstick, Fashion, Family & Fame in InStyle

Gwen Stefani's on the cover of July's InStyle UK magazine, and inside she talks about her music career, her fashion career and her family life. This weekend Gwen and her hubby Gavin Rossdale celebrated Kingston's birthday, and she talks about the possibility of having a daughter in the future to hand down her amazing wardrobe to, as well as the reason she wears her signature red lipstick. Here are some extracts:

  • On performing: “I love it. It is so awesome. I love getting ready and getting in costume, then performing and being physical. If you don’t play live concerts, nothing feels real. It’s just a song on the radio that you hear when you’re driving and it doesn’t affect you. But when you walk out on stage and there are people who actually spent their money to buy a ticket and they’re singing the songs, it’s suddenly mind-blowing.”
  • On becoming a designer: “I wanted so badly to have a backup plan for when I’m not performing any more. Let’s be realistic: it’s not going to be like this forever. So I wanted to continue having something creative to do. I have to be creative to be happy. I don’t have a strong sense of self-worth unless I’m doing something. I was a different person before I started to write. When I realised I could be a songwriter and that people would listen – that was when I started feeling good in my life.”
  • On cooking: “I don’t cook. I can toast in the toaster. I can pour and set the table. No, Gavin is the one. It’s not even an option, he is so passionate about it. He cooks every day. He loves to go grocery shopping and find different things. I’m really lucky. It’s actually lucky and hard at the same time, because sometimes you want to be fit and not eat it, but you have to eat it.”

To read what Gwen has to say about Gavin, the possibility of having a daughter, and her signature red lipstick, just read more.

  • On giving Gavin hints on gifts she'd like: “Oh, no, we’re not allowed to do that. It’s just old-fashioned gift giving. He goes all out, you know? He’s a romantic, so it’s good. He is a creative guy and he’s amazingly inspiring with that creativity. We had a really good Christmas last year; it was fun getting gifts for the kids.”
  • On trying for a little girl: “I don’t know. Having children is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. No one could have prepared me for how awesome it is and how hard. And having two boys – there’s a lot of energy. I mean, it does seem weird that I don’t have a girl, but I feel like I’m running out of time. I also don’t want to spread myself so thin that I can’t even be good for them. Poor Zuma, he’d be the middle guy. I’m not focusing on it right now, but it’s not up to me anyway, you know? These things are miracles, so we’ll see. Otherwise, the clothes are probably going to go to some girlfriend of Kingston’s!”
  • On her signature red lipstick: “I wear it all the time! I wear pink, I wear gloss, I wear everything, but my husband prefers when I wear red, so I want him to like me still! I remember the first time I ever wore dark lipstick. I was maybe 18 and I can remember the moment I put it on – in my Honda Prelude that I bought for like, $3,000 [about £1,950] – and looking in the mirror going, ‘Good, I like that’. Never again did I stop wearing it.”