Pictures and Quotes From Drew Barrymore in Nylon

Drew Barrymore Talks Nudity & Going The Distance in Nylon

Drew Barrymore is in the upcoming issue of Nylon to chat about her project Going the Distance. It's her second big print appearance to promote the film, which comes out later this year. Drew stars in the movie alongside her on-off boyfriend Justin Long, and she was apparently thrilled to let him handle the nude scenes. She also shared to the magazine about not trying to be perfect and how she survived a tough time in Hollywood. Drew said:

  • On not trying to be perfect: "You have to not pretend to be perfect, because that's not only boring as f*ck, but it's just not real . . . So I feel so liberated in that way. I just really want to be true to myself. That's essential in life. I would never be able to put on a charade. I would totally f*ck it up."
  • On a hard time in her career: "I had a big gap in my life where I wasn't allowed to work at all because no one would hire me, which was great because I think you need that humility. You have to have everything taken away, or you have to have a major reality check, so that you always appreciate what you have."
  • On Justin Long going naked in their movie: "It's funny because usually it's the girl who's naked. I was like, 'That's right, b*tch. The tables are turned!'"