Sweden Princess Estelle Christening

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria Christens Baby Estelle

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria Christens Baby Estelle

Queen Elizabeth II isn't the only female monarch in Europe celebrating milestones this year. Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and her husband of two years — her former personal trainer Daniel Westling — welcomed a baby girl in February, and today she and the rest of the Swedish royal family attended baby Princess Estelle's christening at the royal chapel in Stockholm.

Princess Estelle is second in line to the Swedish throne after her mother, thanks to the succession law that was changed in 1980 to allow the eldest heir to inherit the throne, even if the firstborn is a woman. Currently, Princess Victoria is the world's only female heir apparent, but if Prince William and Kate Middleton have a daughter, she may follow in Princess Victoria's footsteps. The UK's rules of royal inheritance are in the process of changing to allow firstborn girls to reign even if they have younger brothers. All 16 Commonwealth realms must come together to put the law into action — and until they do, Will and Kate's firstborn, if it's a girl, may or may not be in line for the throne. Some speculate that the uncertainty is the reason Will and Kate have been postponing having children, something that traditionally happens right after the marriage.

While we wait to find out how female royalty will fare in the UK, check out more photos of Sweden's little Princess Estelle during her christening ceremony now!

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