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4 Quick Ways to Remove Fuzzy Sweater Pillings!

Tis the season of slouchy sweaters and chunky knits, but wearing your favorite cozy pieces time and time again can cause them to get fuzzy pillings all over. Today, we're going to show you four simple ways to rid your garments of those pesky pillings in a flash. From a sweater comb to a sweater stone to a powerful shaver, one of these easy tricks can be used to keep your sweaters looking clean all winter long. On Allison: Topshop top.

Source: 4 Quick Ways to Remove Fuzzy Sweater Pillings!

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Hey there it's Allison. We all love wearing our cozy sweaters and favorite knits. But no one likes getting fuzzy pillings all over them. So today I'm going to show you four simple ways to remove them you can stay warm and pill free all winter long. The first, and most important thing to know, is not to pull them off with your finger. This may seem like the easiest solution, but you can actually damage the fabric, and even ruin it by doing this. In my opinion, the easiest way to remove sweater pillings is with scissors, but it can be a little risky because if you slipped you could actually cut your garment, so you've got to be careful. First, you want to lay down your garment flat, like we have here, then you want to pull it taut so you see all the pillings, then you want to pull up your pilling, take your scissors, and cut really closely to the garment. And you just repeat this until you're pilling free. A second option is to buy a small comb designed for removing sweater pillings at your local fabric store, called a sweater comb. Now, unfortunately, this is a lot different than a hair comb, so you've got to go out and buy one of these. It's got really small teeth which are designed for removing sweater pillings. What you're going to do is lay your garment flat again, and then pull it taut. Then you're going to take your comb, and do gentle brush strokes until all the pillings are gone. The thing to remember is to not push down too hard so you don't hurt the fabric. If you can't find a sweater comb, another great option is a sweater stone, you can also find this at your local fabric store. So what you're going to do is lay your garment out flat and pull it taut just like we did before. Then you're going to brush it all in the same direction. If you do decide to use the stone, just be careful because it does make a little bit of a mess. The last and final option--which is my personal favorite--is the Sweater Shaver. You can get this at your local sewing store, or at Target. I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They're a little bit more crazy, but they have a lot more power to go get the job done. All you have to do is put in some double A batteries, turn it on, and then move it in circular motions over your garment where there are lots of pillings, and it will be gone in seconds. And you know it's working, because you can actually see the pillings in the clear box on the bottom. Sweater pillings are typically a result of excessive wear. The best way to avoid the problem altogether is to wash your sweater only when it needs it, and when you do, fold it inside out. We hope these solutions help keep you pilling free. I'm Allison. See you next time on Fab's How To.

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