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Diane Kruger Models Richard Nicoll for Elle UK

Kate Hudson may be on the cover of Elle UK this month but Diane Kruger poses inside showing off Australian designer Richard Nicoll's latest collection. Much of his collection is produced from sheer fabrics which looks very feminine and luxurious.
Nicoll praised Kruger and explained why he wanted her to model his designs,

"She's really intelligent, charming and beautiful. She looked incredible in the clothes and because she used to be model, it was amazing to watch her move in front of the camera. She was like...Wow!"

Despite this, Nicoll definitely isn't celebrity obsessed. He explains,

"I think fashion's current hyper-obsession with celebrities is crass...I think it will all implode. In fact, I think it has already started to with Victoria Beckham modelling in the new Marc Jacobs advertising campaign."

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  • On his latest collection "This is a very different collection for me, more classically beautiful, more sophisticated and less focused on pleasing buyers by rehashing safe looks. The collection was a reaction against fashion that, I felt, had become too self-conscious and over-complicated for the sake of it. Lately fashion seems to serve the purpose of the designer rather than the wearer, so I was interested in a renewed sense of modesty. I guess it's sort of neo-Puritanism."
  • On college and growing up:"When I went to Central Saint Martins, at the age of 17, I started with foundation course in sculpture and ceramics, with a bit of fashion. I was interested in clothes, but as a personal form of expression rather than fashion per se. As a kid I was very shy and so I communicated through clothes. I used to spend most weekends in Perth going to charity shops. I enjoyed the fashion part of the course so I applied to do a Bachelors of Arts degree in menswear design."
  • On Australia's influence on his work: "I guess I'm different to others. I think growing up in Perth, Australia, you subconsciously form your own aesthetic before being exposed to those of other places, such as here in the UK. I think that's why my work has it's own distinctive identity, whereas if I'd grown up very fashion-aware, then it might been a bit more diluted."
  • Kruger answers a quick Q and A discussing her style and Richard Nicoll. Highlights include:

  • On Richard Nicoll: "I knew he was going to be big when I laid eyes on his last collection. His clothes are edgy and modern, but so wearable."
  • Her best fashion tip: "I don't believe clothes have to be comfortable to look good – I've worn fabulous dresses I couldn't even sit in. If I love something and I know it looks good on me, I'm more than happy to suffer for it."
  • Read the rest of the interview in the April edition of Elle which is out now.