House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2014 at London Fashion Week

Henry Holland Introduces Us to His Debauched Debutantes

Henry Holland Introduces Us to His Debauched Debutantes

In a world where designers will fill pages with flowery prose about their inspiration, Henry Holland gives us welcome respite. He can distill most House of Holland collections into a tweet (two seasons ago, just the name — Rave Nana — was enough). This time around, his models embodied "rich kids who got trashed at a debutante ball and put the pics up on Facebook." Thus, we met Autumn/Winter 2014's Debauched Debutantes, complete with "Rich Bish" t-shirts, fur coats, and sequinned party dresses, stomping down the catwalk with smudged eyeshadow, dodging smashed chandeliers along the way.

Pop culture always plays a big part in House of Holland shows, and this season Holland seemed to look to some of film's coolest party girls; one pencil-skirted model with a lipstick print bomber jacket was pure Rizzo from Grease, while another wore a swirling '70s-style wrap dress and fur coat that could have come straight off Amy Adams in American Hustle.

We saw a group of girls at various stages of maturity, from the cool girls who steal their mother's slinky dresses and furs to those still happy to dress up in cute pink party dresses with twee collars. This offered something for Holland's younger fans but also allowed him to create some key pieces, which, without the audacious runway styling, would work on an older customer. Trend-wise, the omnipresent crop top was there in many guises, and the colour spectrum went from hot pink and red to forest green, metallic blue, purple, and silver.