New Book About The Queen's Style

Angela Kelly Dishes on Dressing The Queen in Her New Book

New Book About The Queen's Style

Angela Kelly is the Royal Dressmaker for Queen Elizabeth II. In her new book that was released yesterday called Dressing The Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe (£24.95) she talks about all of the preparation that went into the Queen's wardrobe for her Royal Jubilee, for the Olympics and of course for her cameo with Daniel Craig in the latest James Bond film.

What turned my ears up when I heard about this project was that someone so close to her Royal Majesty was actually allowed to dish so publicly. However, apparently being a royal personal assistant, curator and adviser has some leeway, especially when the roads lead to good-doing. All profits from this book actually go to charity. In fact, Angela isn't being paid a single pound, she is only likely to gain recognition for keeping an 86 year old woman so dang stylish. In the book, Angela gives us an inside look into the dressmaking quarters of Buckingham Palace along with insight into the 2 year preparation for the Diamond Jubilee. What I love most is reading about the little secrets the Queen taught her, like how to "squeeze" a fabric sample to see if it wrinkles or not, and adding weights to hems so that they won't blow up in any windy situations.

Read more about the thought process that went into a few of the Queen's most popular recent dresses by clicking through this slideshow. I will definitely be purchasing this book this week — how about you?

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