Paris Fashion Week, A/W 2009: Alexander McQueen

Whilst many designers are playing it safe this year in order to remain commercial, but you can rely on Alexander McQueen to go to the other extreme and bring a bit of drama to Paris. He deliberately defied the credit crunch explaining to WWD, “This [economic] crisis isn’t my fault. I have to be who I am. This is hard. It’s old McQueen, aggressive McQueen. In this business, you have to be aggressive and have aggressive feelings.”

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His autumn collection is sure to leave people divided (Fab US wants to know if you think it's freaky or fabulous) but I applaud his loyalty to his own creativity. The show took place around the debris of McQueen's previous shows and began with classic houndstooth designs, which could be interpreted as a dig at his previous employer; Givenchy.

He ruffled a few feathers with Hitchcock inspired pieces and bird print dresses. Then he got surreal wearing skirts as jackets, jackets as skirts, and lampshades and umbrellas as headwear.

The designer used a vast range of materials to create the pieces from goat-hair to plasticised raffia, from organza to photographic snake print, mixed with more classic textures like chiffon and silk. Shoes once again caused an issue as models were frightened to take each step. What do you think of McQueen's creations?