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I'm an English literature student, currently doing a Master in Edinburgh! I'm an excellent cook, hypochondriac, fair,a good listener, rather creative, quite sensitive, middle-aged at 23, get attached easily to people, songs, books etc kind,gentle,passionate, love with life...I love:vintage, victorian, antiques, London, Edinburgh, soundtracks, Phantom of the Opera musical, LOTR, Shopaholic novels, historic novels, grey, knitwear,old people,my grandma's vintage garde-robe,floral print, tea time,The Rug Company,old portraits,quirky names,thrift shops,collecting photos (from celebs,models,random people) and looking at them at times pretending to wear them myself,daydreaming,Harry potter,Agatha Christie's Ms Marple, rings and earrings, Chanel bags, Topshop,several designers,daydreaming with music,Disney films.Hate indiscreet/mean people and unfairness doesn't sum me up, but I hope you get a small picture of me...xoxoxo Maria