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well id love to meet rob an i think i wil lfor wen im 19 buzzing haha tre thoe im totally totally in love wid him hes so so s ohot an fit i love to watcjh any film with him in evan if its boaring coz i can still drool over his face but all the films ive watches with him in are so so cool i love his music i love to read about him im always thinking a bout him its to hard to for gey a bout him coz hes so so hot an sexy ive never ever liket anyone ad mutc has him coz hes so so fit im the most robsessedc person in the world hes os os fit an perfect ive never ever saw him look horrible hoe ever he looks i fdont think he can ever look horrible lol an i love doet coke oh an robert pattinson did i mention that lol haha :) xoxoxoxoxo