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These Are the 3 Luckiest Dates to Fall in Love in 2024

These Are the Luckiest Dates to Fall in Love, According to Astrologers

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Flowers have bloomed, evenings are lighter and the weather has finally warmed up in the UK — it's officially summertime. On June 21, we'll reach the height of summer with this year's summer solstice and this year, it's the earliest it's been in over 200 years. Needless to say, it's a special one.

So with a history-making, astrological event on the cards, it comes as no surprise that our love lives could be impacted. Renowned astrologer and celebrity psychic, Inbaal Honigman tells PS UK that 2024's summer solstice is actually one of the luckiest dates to fall in love, so make sure you have your Bridgerton pick-up lines at the ready for a summer of love.

And in case you're busy this Friday, Honigman kindly shares the two special days later in the year she claims are the hottest dates for romance and a life-long love. Whether you believe in the power of the influence of the moon, hoping that this year's summer solstice signifies love, or just want to know when the luckiest dates for love are in 2024, then keep scrolling.

Lucky Date to Fall in Love in 2024: June 21

The first date of summer is none other than Midsummer's Day, the longest day of the year and when nature is at its peak, according to Honigman. She tells PS UK: "Midsummer used to be an ancient day for celebrating weddings. In many cultures, Midsummer is still a traditional day for weddings. Astrologically, two romantic events meet on June 21. First, it is the start of cancer season. The sign of Cancer is home-loving, family-minded and warm. Cancer season is characterised by gentleness and love. In fact, three planets are in Cancer that day, including Venus, planet of love.

She continues: "Secondly, June 21 marks a full moon — so the year peaks on the longest day, while the moon peaks at its fullest too. Two planets on the day are in stable Taurus, and two planets are in romantic Pisces. The combination of the full light of the day, the full light of the moon, and the family vibe of Cancer, make this date perfect for weddings, proposals, and moving into your family home."

Lucky Date to Fall in Love in 2024: September 17

Heading into autumn, September 17 could be your lucky day in love, and you can thank the moon for that. Honigman says: "This is the day of the lunar eclipse. The moon is very influential in love, it rules dreams and illusions, and what is romance if not an illusion? The Lunar eclipse only ever happens during the full moon, and on that day, the full moon happens to be in Pisces — the most romantic sign of the zodiac. Lunar eclipses mix up that which is hidden and that which is revealed, so secrets may rise to the surface to be uncovered. This could be a positive in relationships where better communication is needed.

"In addition, on this day the sun is in sensible Virgo, pushing us towards non-toxic relationships. Love planet Venus is also in the balanced sign of Libra, encouraging love stories rooted in equality and peacefulness," she adds. "The combination of illusion, balance and good sense make this day lucky for a first date or a deep conversation around the next stage of a relationship, such as engagement or parenthood."

Lucky Date to Fall in Love in 2024: December 30

A particularly interesting day for falling in love, and the penultimate date of 2024, December 30 is a good day to get your romance on.

"This date is the second dark moon in December. Every month usually has one dark moon and one full moon. A rare second full moon in a month is called a blue moon. A rare second dark moon in a month is therefore the black moon. The dark moon is a perfect moment for new beginnings, so this date marks a second chance for new beginnings," Honigman tells us.

"Both the sun and the moon are in earthy Capricorn on that date. It is a mature sign, useful for serious relationships with long-term potential. The combination of Capricorn maturity and lunar new beginnings make this a lucky day for signing up to a singles app, starting your search for a forever home, or making strong future commitments."

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