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10 Unusual Uses For Clear Nail Polish

It's likely you have a few bottles of clear nail polish lying around in your manicure kit, whether it's a speedy top coat or a full lineup of prep, prime, and varnish essentials. Now it's time to expand the horizons of your trusty clear lacquer into other areas, from furniture to fashion.

You'll want to keep clear nail polish on hand because it . . .

  1. Makes labels smudge-proof and weather-resistant by sealing in markers and paint. This comes in handy when labeling expiration dates on your cosmetics.
  2. Stops runs in stockings right in their tracks when you dab polish at both ends. This way you can get more wear out of your hosiery, even after a tiny tear.
  3. Keeps buttons from popping off. Just paint the threads in the center for reinforcement. Clear nail polish also protects shoestrings and other threads from unraveling thanks to its dries-hard finish.
  4. Eliminates rings in the bathroom. Simply coat the bottom of metal cans (hair spray, shaving cream, etc.) to slow the progression of rust and keep those unsightly red stains at bay.
  5. Reinforces envelope seals so that your most important missives (bills, love letters, and the like) remain safe.
  6. Waterproofs matches if you're going for a hike: dab clear polish on the tips to keep them safe from moisture. This is also particularly useful if the hike involves a candlelit picnic.
  7. Prevents nail darkening caused by deeper-toned lacquers. While yellow nail polish is cool no matter the season, yellow nails are not. Use clear nail polish as a protective base coat to prevent yellowing. Even better, clear polish preserves your manicure for longer, particularly when applied to the free edge of tips. Think of it as one of those extra beauty steps that's absolutely worth it.
  8. Coats splinters in furniture so you don't rip or snag your clothing or worse.
  9. Acts as a base for a DIY glitter top coat: just pour in multicoloured confetti for an inexpensive embellishment that rivals Deborah Lippmann's genius.
  10. Relieves the itch of a bug bite: this tried-and-true remedy isn't quite scientific but it works as long as you don't have any open scratches.
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