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3 Steps to Getting a Faux Glow For Autumn

Looking warm and glowy in Summer is a whole lot easier than it is in Autumn. That doesn't mean you have to adopt a dull or pasty complexion this transitional season, though. Brighten up and find out how to create a radiant finish sans shimmer, when you read on.

Step 1: Bronzer is a year-round beauty tool that helps mimic a warmed look. When it comes to choosing a glow-inducing product for Autumn, veer toward the matte side of the spectrum for a more natural finish. Contour by sweeping the product from the top of the ear to the corner of the lip, fading the colour as you move downward. Try Trish McEvoy Matte Bronzer (£21) for a sheer, flattering effect.

Step 2: Whipping winds may give you a natural flush, but rely on blush for a longer-lasting (and less harsh) effect. Cream blush is the most moisturizing option for dry skin, and if you top your dewy cheeks with a matte blush in a similar colour (go with deep rose and peach tones for Autumn), you'll heighten the pigment payoff.

Step 3: Make sure to blend bronzer and blush with a large kabuki brush to sidestep severe angles or too much separation of blush and bronzer. If you do want to add a touch of shimmer, reserve the illuminator to metallic eye shadow on the lids or highlighter under the brows. And if you still aren't satisfied with this cheek-only glow, the prime season for self-tanning never ends.

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