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3D Mermaid Nails

Thought You Were Over Mermaids? Wait Until You See This Adorable Manicure

Just when you might have thought every single way to incorporate mermaids into beauty had been done, someone comes up with another adorable way to make us fall in love with the mythical sea creature all over again. Tony Li, a nail artist based in Texas, has an impressive portfolio of manicures to show off, from motion manicures, to light-up talons. But the the cutest of all his creations is this adorable 3D mermaid manicure. Tony uses the all-acrylic colour powder technique in forming the nail which is an incredible talent that many artists are choosing to adopt, as it allows more creative control.

Tony's mermaid manicure incorporates so many of our favourite nail trends, from diamond nails, to Disney-inspired features, and even incorporating a unicorn design to create the mermaid's mane. The mani even has a detachable mermaid fin, making us rethink our opinions on pierced nails. Scroll on to see more snaps of Tony's marvellous creations and you might find yourself jumping back on the mermaid fan train.

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