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Amy Winehouse is addicted to sunbeds

Amy Winehouse – Just Say No to Sunbeds

This is one celebrity beauty rumour that I really hope isn't true – Amy Winehouse is allegedly becoming addicted to sunbeds. Apparently the singer has a sunbed fitted at her house in Camden, North London. The rumours are that she's hoping it will help heal, or at least cover up, her numerous scars.

I just want to give Amy a big old hug and a bottle of Johnson's Holiday Skin. Doesn't she know that faking it is the way to go? Especially with all the fantastic, budget gradual fake-tans around this summer.

Sunbeds are like putting your face in the oven. But worse. They emit very strong, UVA and UVB rays, which cause skin damage, and can lead to skin cancer. There are currently strong pleas to the government to ban sunbeds and Cancer Research UK is calling for much greater restrictions, regarding use.

About 65,000 people get skin cancer in the UK, every year, with around 2000 proving fatal. It is the most common cause of cancer in young adults, age 15 to 34. According to The Observer, high pressure sun beds can cause as much damage in minutes to the skin, as an average year's exposure to the sun.

I can't over-emphasise enough how bad for your skin and health sunbeds are. They won't heal or cover scars, on the contrary, they're more likely to irritate your skin, meaning you'll break out as soon as your tan fades, if not before.

C'mon Amy, wake up and smell the burning...


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