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Anastasia Beverly Hills Changing Formula Subculture Backlash

Because of the Subculture Backlash, Claudia Soare Wants Help Fixing ABH

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Back in July, cult-favourite brand Anastasia Beverly Hills's impeccable reputation was called into question with the release of Subculture. What was supposed to be a successor to the beloved Modern Renaissance Palette turned into a PR nightmare for the brand. ABH quickly found its social media platforms flooded with customers complaining about the product's pigmentation and flakiness. Now, in the interest of moving onward and upward, ABH President Claudia Soare wants your input.

In an Instagram posted on Aug. 16, Claudia wrote, "It's no secret that I'm very focused on creating an amazing loose pigment formula. Need your input please; tell me all about your like & dislikes, when it comes to loose pigment or glitter formulas, aside from being messy. Feel free to request your favourite colours."

Of course, the post was quickly flooded with comments (hats off to the team who has to go through all of these!). Many suggested that ABH should just stick to the Modern Renaissance formula, with one person writing that it's "the best palette in the market." Of course, since it's 2017, a holographic option was another popular bid. (ABH was one of the first brands to release an iridescent line back in 2016 with its Moon Child Glow Kit, but currently does not offer a full holographic release).

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Still more asked for a few logistical changes. Given that the concept of using loose pigment is intimidating as heck, many simply called for a few tutorials. Others said the problem was in ABH's packaging, since there have been complaints of Subculture spilling easily.

Whatever may come from all of this, it's refreshing to see a brand tackle a problem head on. Hopefully, this will lead to fewer Reddit rants and more satisfied, glowing, unicorn-faced customers.

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