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Ariana Grande DIYs Hat For Ponytail

Ariana Grande Cuts Holes in Hats So She Can Always Wear Her High Ponytail

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It can be horribly frustrating when your accessories just don't accommodate your beauty look. We've suffered through Winter with cold fingers because our nails are too long for gloves, and we've skipped sunglasses in favour of long, lens-grazing false lashes. But Ariana Grande refuses to let something like a standard baseball cap get in the way of her signature style.

Look closely. Instead of relying on the lower opening of a typical snapback hat, the superstar seems to have cut an actual hole on the crown of her cap. This allows her famous ponytail to flow through.

Legions of fans regrammed photos of this look, celebrating its ingenuity and Ariana's dedication to her updo. As it turns out, she was not the one to DIY this savvy styling solution, but she has multiple accessories that have been customised like this so she can rock her ever-present ponytail.

Now all we need to know is who is actually cutting holes in hats for Ariana. And Ari, should there ever be a vacancy in this position, we'd like to nominate ourselves for the role!

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