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BareMinerals Deep Cleansing Foam Review

Get Squeaky-Clean Skin Without Reaching For the Soap

There's nothing like the squeaky-clean feeling you get when you wash your face with soap, but your skin won't thank you if you keep drying it out with harsh ingredients. Everyone has a tale of a female relative who used nothing but soap and water until the day she died ("and it never did her any harm!"), but things have moved on since then, and we no longer have to suffer tightness in the pursuit of cleanliness. There are now skin care products that clean deep down whilst remaining gentle on the skin.

BareMinerals Deep Cleansing Foam (£15) is one such product. It contains ActiveSoil Complex, a proprietary ingredient developed by BareMinerals that's now the key element of its skin care range. Using soil to get clean may sound like a contradiction in terms, but trust us, this makes getting rid of dirt, grime, grease, and makeup a treat, leaving your skin feeling super clean but never tight. The gentle, soap-like smell only adds to the old-fashioned appeal — if you just don't feel right after using an oily cleanser or balm, this might just be the skin care secret for you.

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