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Bargain Intensive Conditioner From Leo Bancroft at Tesco

The Bargain Mask That'll Fix Your Damaged Tresses

When you're too busy to shop around for a beauty bargain, look no further than your local supermarket. You may be surprised what you can find in the aisles. Most of the big chains have snapped up famous hairstylists to create exclusive ranges; Sainsbury's has Phil Smith, Asda has Andrew Barton . . . but our favourite is Leo Bancroft's range for Tesco. His Ultimately Intense Moisture Mask (£4) is as rich and luxurious as products that cost four times as much, and works wonders on long hair that needs extra moisture, softness, and strength. More than once, we've used this to bring hair that's desperately in need of a cut back from the brink. For the full effect, you need to leave it on for 10 minutes, but we also got an instant boost by applying a dollop to the ends of our hair before using our normal conditioner. At that price, you can afford to use it often and in big doses!

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