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Bath Oil Trend in 2017

Why 2017 Is the Year We'll See the Return of Bath Oil

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We've become obsessed with beauty oils in the last few years. Whether smoothing them onto our hair for extra shine or adding a few drops to our skin for an extra dose of deep hydration (or just some delicious aromatherapy), there's a place for an oil in every stage of our beauty regimen. But one beauty oil that's been sadly overlooked is good old-fashioned bath oil. The lure of a fluffy bubble bath is strong, but a rich, oily bath is actually much better for your skin than a pile of excess bubbles, even if it doesn't look so pretty on Instagram. Those of us old enough to remember these babies know what I'm taking about!

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These days, bath oils have got a whole lot more sophisticated and offer up a whole host of skin and mood-boosting benefits, and in a year when we are all about self-care and enjoying the little things, there's never been a better time to swap bubbles for something more luxurious. Choose a delicious scented oil, pour a generous glug into a hot bath, and enjoy a bit of me time. When you step out of the bath, the oil will leave a film on the skin that you can massage in to trap moisture and keep your skin smooth. There is nothing better on a cold day. The big trick to getting the most out of an oil bath is to dry yourself very gently, using a towel as little as possible (the more you rub, the more oil you rub off your skin). Shop some of our favourite luxury oils now, and fall back in love with a retro favourite.

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