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Beauty Bargain Look-a-Likes For Less!

I just love it when I find a good bargain, especially on beauty products during the expensive holiday season. My good pal, BellaSugar US is also a fan of scouting out deals and she's found quite a few high street or chemist products that look just like designer ones!

So when I saw these amazing Treaclemoon Bath and Shower Gels that sell for £2.89, I was so excited, as they have an uncanny resemblance in both their fragrances and packaging to the Philosopy versions that sell for £13.60. If I've done my maths correctly, that's a whopping savings of £10.71, which basically means that you can buy four of the Tesco goodies (with change to spare) for just one of the designer products!

I especially love That Vanilla Moment from Treaclemoon and Vanilla Birthday Cake from Philosophy because they are sweet, warming and definitely get you hungry for breakfast during your morning bath. Do you have any look-a-like beauty bargains to share with us?

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