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Beauty Byte: Jennifer Aniston Shares Fragrance Details!

I've been excited about Jennifer Aniston's new fragrance Lolavie ever since she announced it earlier this month. Further details have now emerged. The biggest revelation is that Lolavie will be launched in the UK first!!

The scent is set to go on sale in Harrods exclusively from June starting at £30, and will be in Boots and The Perfume Shop after that.

Ads will also appear British magazines from June featuring Mario Sorrenti's photographs of Jennifer glowing on a Mexican beach. She describes the scent as a "nonperfume perfume" adding: “I want people to go, ‘What is that? You smell great!’ But most of all I wanted it to smell natural”.

She explains that having grown up with a mother and grandmother who loved strong perfumes, she wanted her own fragrance to emphasise organic outdoor scents like the beach and Spring flowers and be sexy and clean.

To find out more about the perfume, just read more.

Lolavie's bottle was inspired by modern architecture – one of Jennifer's real life passions – and the waves on the beach, although she wouldn't spill any more on the subject: “It’s a long story and honestly it’s too personal to tell. But it has special significance.”

As for life in the spotlight, she shares the following:

“I don’t think you can control that at the end of the day. You can’t stunt what you do to please or not please the public. And the media will create stories whether they are true or false. So why stop doing what makes you happy? Be true to yourself and everything else will follow.”

Very true. I have to say, reading this has got me more enthusiastic about the fragrance. It sounds like she's really thought about it. I'm also excited about the beach and fresh flower notes! It makes a change from a lot of the sickly Summer fragrances that are everywhere. Are you excited for this scent?

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