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Beauty Byte: L'Oreal Buys Essie, Plans New Beauty Lines!

Beauty Byte: L'Oreal Buys Essie, Plans New Beauty Lines!

Calling all Essie fans! I have fabulous news for you. Cosmetics giant L’Oréal USA announced yesterday that it has bought the cult nail polish company Essie, with plans to add makeup and haircare products to the line!

Essie is already known for its super-fun nail shades from No Prenup to Sugar Daddy, so I can only imagine what they'll come up with for the new ranges.

No-one knows how much Essie was bought for but industry big wigs estimated the price at £32-38 million! (Kerching!) Apparently Essie rakes in over £18 million a year and is now sold in 100 countries.

L’Oréal want to grow the company first by adding eye, lips and face cosmetics, and will expand in to haircare further down the line. There are even plans for hair salons.

I love Essie's nail varnishes. They have so many fabulous shades, and give great long-lasting coverage. I bet there are lots of people who'd be excited to buy new hair and makeup products by them. Watch this space! Are you a fan of Essie?

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