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Beauty Byte: When Your Makeup Really Goes Out of Date

The scare mongers are always telling us to bin our old makeup products to protect from skin infection and irritation, but according to reports, use-by dates might be a load of baloney.

The revelations came in a recent report by Daily Mail Beauty columnist Claire Colman, who after the latest spate of warnings took matters in to her own hands by running clinical tests on a selection of her old beauty products.

Claire ran tests on five products, including Dior mascara, a Laura Mercier blusher and a couple of make-up sponges, that were at least five years old. Staggeringly, each of these products were perfectly safe to use!

Apparently with new anti-bacterial agents and preservatives, makeup products are able to last much longer than in previous years. Brushes and sponges should still be cleaned regularly, and products applied with fingers are more likely to be infected due to regular contact, but even here they're usually fine.

Claire believes the heightened awareness of use-by dates is a marketing ploy by companies to make us replenish our supplies more regularly, and quotes industry experts agreeing. Others defend the companies arguing that they need to protect themselves from lawsuits by being cautious. (after all, it's better to be safe than sorry.)

Personally, I've never paid a huge amount of attention to the scare-reports. Most people I know replace makeup when it runs out, regardless of the expiry date. If the product smells bad, they'll bin it, but that's common sense, surely?

How often do you replace your makeup?

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