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Beauty Etiquette. Do You Apply Lipstick or Makeup In Public?

Do You Apply Lipstick in Public?

I have to admit that sometimes I cringe when I see girls on the tube apply full makeup. For a start, how can they do it on such a bumpy train ride? However, truth be told, I'm not averse to touching up my lipstick during the morning commute although I'd draw the line at mascara or foundation. I have to laugh when I see girls putting on lippy in front of shop windows though!

My girl Bella US has consulted queen of etiquette Emily Post about whether this is a do or don't, but as with most questions of etiquette, it's often about the company you keep. At the dinner table would be a big no no for me, although I have a friend who says a quick touch-up, even at a business meeting, is fine as long as you don't draw attention to yourself. How about you, do you apply lipstick in public?


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