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These Beauty Tips Could Save You From Being Attacked

There's been a surge of burglaries and muggings recently in London, and these types of crimes have spiked to unimaginable numbers in the last month. Just last week there were three robberies on my quiet mews street alone, and last night, my bestie went out to pick up some groceries in broad daylight and was mugged violently for her jewellery. It's got me scared — terrified to be honest — so I've been doing research on how to make yourself less of a target to attackers. I know some of these suggestions seem a little out there, but if you feel like you are in a compromised position then, hopefully, they will help keep you safe.

  • Don't wear your hair in a ponytail or plait. Attackers can easily control and manipulated your head this way.
  • Stand tall, stand proud. Stick out your chest, look people directly in the eye with your head held high and push back your shoulders. If you look confident and don't want to be messed with, people with get your nonverbal message.
  • Don't reach into your handbag to put on lipgloss or grab your hairbrush while you are walking around by yourself. Do not walk along with your head down, you need to be sharp, focused, and aware of your surroundings.

Above all, remember not to fight back, especially if the attackers are bigger and stronger than you are. Run as fast as you can and scream. Be smart and be safe!

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