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Beauty Vlogger Applies 100 Layers of Foundation

This Is What It Looks Like to Wear 100 Layers of Foundation

After a video showing 100 layers of nail polish on a woman's hands went viral, vloggers around the world were inspired to re-create their own versions. However, YouTuber Jeely's "100 Layers of Foundation" is by far our favourite take on this trend.

Using a blending sponge, Jeely bravely forged ahead and slathered her face with a terrifying amount of foundation. "It's greasy as f*ck," she lamented. "What am I doing with my life? I have too much free time."

Because the layers were so thick, she had to resort to using a hair dryer to help set her makeup . . . but was largely unsuccessful, and struggled to keep her hair from sticking to her face. Jeely looked quite miserable by the end of the video — after all, it took her three hours to apply that makeup! — but managed to joke that she looked "flawless." See the results when you watch for yourself.

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